Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are our Halloween decorations for our first house!

Dan decided to put a skeleton dummy in Max's crate for a decoration. Here is Max trying to figure out who is in his crate. It didn't take him long to think he was okay and to join him.
There are webs in those trees if you can't tell.
Dan painted the front window of our house.

Here is the final product of the skeleton in the crate. We got lots of comments from the little kids.
We used a black light in our front window to make this mask glow. We got a few screams from people on this one.
Here is our candy bowl. We used dry ice in a cauldron and there were a few kids who wouldn't dare reach inside.

This is Dan carving the pumpkin and then the final product.

This is the front door. Dan and I painted this sign. At night we hung orange lights around the door as well.

Here is Max all decked out in his orange bandana.