Saturday, January 16, 2010

Awesome Blossom!

Dan and I got ourselves a deep fryer for Christmas and we have been trying different things. Here is our attempt at an awesome blossom. It was actually very tasty and we were pleased with ourselves.

Christmas in Illinois

Dan and I spent the Christmas holiday in Chicago with my family. Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

These are pictures from the nasty ice storm we had right after we got there.
Our niece Natalie.
Every Christmas Eve we do a nativity play with all the kids. Here are Rachel and Ellie our 2 Mary's.
Caleb a wiseman.
Anna an angel.

While in Chicago we also went sledding.

Our nephew Devon absolutely loved Kaela, my sister's Siberian Husky.
After my mother's funeral we took a family picture. I think my parents did a pretty good job.

Our Trip to Dallas

At Thanksgiving Dan and I drove to Dallas to visit my sister Sara, her husband, and her 4 kids. While we were there we went horseback riding. Here are some of the highlights. We had a really good time.

Here is Myla and Leia riding the horse.
Amidst all the children even Dan and I had a turn riding the horse.

Myla who repeatedly said "do it myself" looks big riding the horse.
Trevor riding the horse.
Leia riding the horse.
Sean riding the horse.