Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Puppy!

Don't worry we didn't get a new puppy. One day this little guy showed up in our yard and was lost. When we contacted the owner they asked if we could keep him for the day. Max thought that we brought him a present. They got along so well and just had a blast playing all day long!
While this experience solidified in my mind that I have no desire to get a puppy, not a day goes by that Dan doesn't ask for one!

Snow in Kyle!!

Who would have ever thought it would snow in Kyle?! Certainly not us. But it did! Here is our pitiful amount snow that we got. This is Max's first time in the snow and he had no idea what to think of it.
Max's dark fur definitely helps the snow stand out!

After being outside for just a few minutes Max decided he didn't like the snow so much and all he wanted to do was go back inside. Doesn't he just look so sad!
While the snow may not be much it definitely helped it feel a little more like winter. And even though it was only a small amount I got off work early and Dan's day was canceled all together!

Austin Zoo

For my birthday Dan and I went to the Austin Zoo to check it out. The zoo started out as a goat and sheep refuge so they have a lot of those. Part of your visit is taking food around and feeding the goats, sheep, and llamas. Some of the goats were pretty pushy and did not like taking turns.

Along with the farm animals they also have lions, tigers, and other big animals. You can actually get pretty close to the lions and tigers as you can see from these pictures. So this zoo gives you fun feeding time as well as seeing some exotic animals. We had a lot of fun!