Saturday, November 27, 2010


A few weeks ago Dan and I had the privilege of going to Mountainburg, AR. Since we have moved to Texas Dan has been pretty sad that he hasn't been able to see any fall colors. So we planned our trip the best we could to be in Arkansas for their "peak" fall colors. Dan decided that he wanted to go to the Ozarks. While his first thought was to camp...he soon realized that if he really wanted his wife to come along that a cabin would be better suited for our needs. We found one that let us bring pets so that Max could come too. It was a much needed family vacation. Here is our cabin that we stayed in, the outside and the cozy inside. It sure was nice to come back and start a fire each evening.

While we were there we went to 3 state parks. The first was Devil's Den State Park. They had a bunch of cool caves that were unfortunately closed due to the harm people were causing to the bat population. Here are some highlights from day 1:

The next state park we went to was Lake Fort Smith State Park. The fall colors were much better here and the lake and scenery were beautiful. Here are some highlights from day 2:

On day 2 we also went and checked out Fayetteville, AR. We wanted to see the University of Arkansas and get a nice steak dinner. This was a park that we found with beautiful color.

The last state park we went to was White Rock Mountain State Park. And man did we save the best for last. We were able to hike around the whole mountain and watch a gorgeous sunset to end the day. Here are highlights from day 3 as well as a video:

We had an awesome time in the Ozarks and would love to go back!

Dallas State Fair

Awhile ago a friend invited Dan and I to go to the Dallas State Fair. While this was sometime ago, (I am a horrible blogger) I still wanted to blog about it because we had so much fun!

Here is Dan and I as well as our friends on the Ferris Wheel. This was our first time riding one.

Here is the view of the city from the top. (It's no Chicago but fairly impressive.)

Playing some carnival games. This trip was definitely not our best showing when it came to winning prizes.

Dan well...being Dan :)

Here is some fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is not an experience we would like to repeat. We also had fried cookie dough and fried ice cream. The fried ice cream was delicious.

Look past all the yellow and the fact that the picture is slightly blurry but this is me with Bumblebee and I'm pretty pleased about it if you can't tell.
We had a blast at the fair and if we are around next year we would love to go back!