Friday, September 7, 2012


I realize that I am the worst blogger ever and I would like to apologize.  I am going to try and turn over a new leaf and keep up with this blog better.  Since I haven't blogged in almost a year I figured I would put together a post of all the happenings that I should have blogged about but missed.  These are some of the fun things that have been going on: 

I turned the big 2-5!  For my birthday we made a trip to the zoo.  The highlight was feeding these birds.  At one point we had as many as 7 or 8 on our arms and if you can't tell from my face, I thought it was pretty awesome.
Along the same lines, for my birthday Dan got me Keith Urban tickets.  He was playing along with the rodeo.  This would be the first country concert Dan has taken me to since we have gotten married.  We were up really high so unfortunately we weren't nearly as close as the picture suggests, but it was still a great concert.  Even Dan who doesn't like country music thought it was a good concert.  He also got me Bulls tickets but somehow we didn't get a single picture from that game. 
While Dan was still at Marriott he won us some Spurs tickets.  They were second row tickets and we realize that these were probably the best tickets we would ever have.  Along with the seats we got to go a VIP room for dinner and dessert.  I could watch every basketball game like this!
We were able to enjoy a fun vacation in Palm Springs, CA.  It was a bit of a family reunion on Dan's side as we were able to meet his parents and 2 brothers there as well.  While we were there we enjoyed a fun day in Joshua Tree National Park.
We moved!  I assume most people have already heard this but I had to include it.  After a long year of searching Dan was able to find a new job.  He is working for the city of Hermiston in Oregon as their Recreation Supervisor.  So far he is loving his new job and all his new responsibilities.  We are grateful for this new chapter in our lives.  Even though Dan works in Oregon we weren't able to find a house there so we actually live in Kennewick, WA for the time being.  We are a lot closer to family and so far we are loving the northwest.  This is our cute house.
Since we have moved to a much cooler location we have been able to get out and enjoy the outdoors a lot more.  Our first adventure was to Palouse Falls State Park.  Dan is very grateful to be back in some mountains.
We were able to take a trip to Seattle.  While we were there we explored the city, spent time on the water, and enjoyed a nearby state park.
Dan was able to meet some friends on the Deschutes River for a much needed rafting trip.
Apparently one rafting trip was not enough and a short time later we met Dan's brother Matt and his family in Idaho for some more rafting.  We did a section on the Payette River.  We camped for a couple of nights and enjoyed some great dutch oven cooking.
Dan probably won't appreciate me including this in the blog but I thought I would do a little bragging about my husband.  In the last month Dan has been entering some of his drawings in the county fairs around here.  With this drawing his won Grand Champion in one fair and Third Place in another.  He is already working on the drawing he hopes to enter next year.
Well I think that about does it.  These are the main things that have been going on with us lately.  We are headed to California next week for another vacation so hopefully I will have something blog worthy when we get back!