Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past month we were able to have our first visitors in our new home. Needless to say we were pretty excited. Dan's parents came, along with my sister and Dan's brother and their two kids (yes weird I know but that's how it goes). They stayed for a week and we had a blast. They spent a lot of time looking at real estate in the area and were very impressed with the prices. We hope that is one point in our favor. We were also able to spend some time on Lake Travis, the San Marcos River, and the River walk. It's hot in Texas and the best places to be are in the water! These are just a few pictures from their stay. The kids really enjoyed their time in the Kayak on the San Marcos River. While Marissa may be giving a thumbs down, she really did have a good time.

Also while they were visiting our dog Max absolutely loved having kids in the house. He and Devon became the best of buds. We would just find Devon lying on him on the floor and Max took it like a pro. Max didn't quite know what to do with a quiet house when they left but we sure did enjoy having them visit!


So what can I say? This is Dan with his finger stuck in the Clorox wipes jar. Why he didn't think to take off the lid to get another wipe out I do not know. But alas his finger is good and stuck. This is genuine emotion as he tries to free his finger. It took a lot of work and left a pretty good mark. I now joke when I go to the grocery store that I come home with the Dan-proof wipes because he can't get any more out!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Storm

This storm just came out of nowhere tonight, and it was probably the worst one we've had since we've moved here (as far as wind and that kind of stuff). The wind blew down part of our fence, knocked over garbage cans (which resulted in garbage all down the street) and lots of close and loud lightning. Here are some pictures from the roof before the storm came and then some lightning shots.