Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trip to the coast

Dan had a conference to go to to give a presentation on the need for outdoor education among the community's youth. The conference was in McAllen, TX which is right on the boarder with Mexico. We decided to make a trip out of it and spend a couple days on the coast at South Padre Island and Corpus Christi.

We started out our trip in South Padre Island with a boat ride to see the dolphins. When we arrived on the boat they had just rescued this turtle from exhaustion out in the bay. We were so excited to see the turtle that they ending up naming it after me. So this is Dan and I and the turtle Lizzy.

On South Padre Island they have a turtle rescue that came and got Lizzy from us on the boat. They have a special aquarium where they rehabilitate them and then release them back in the ocean. This is me (in an awful picture) checking up on Lizzy after she had been cleaned up and made comfortable in the aquarium.

Now onto dolphins. We found a guide to take us out into the bay to go on a dolphin watch. It was amazing. The dolphins were all over and they would swim right up to our boat. This is Dan with Rozy the dolphin dog that would bark every time he saw a dolphin. We had a blast.

We ended our trip in Corpus Christi. The main thing that we did when we were there was go to the Aquarium they have there. We watched a dolphin show and looked at all the other animals. This is me with the shark that they had in one of their tanks. Overall we had a really awesome trip. While there are no pictures we had some great food and spent lots of time on the beach. It was a great relaxing vacation.