Sunday, May 9, 2010


Even though Texas is famous for its longhorns since we have moved here Dan and I have seen very little of them. We thought this was a little strange. But luckily the other day we saw plenty of them. I let Max out in the morning to do his usual business when he just started going nuts. Barking constantly and really loud. Normally Max never barks so I knew something was up. So I walk out our back door and I see the huge shapes behind our fence. I now understand why Max was so concerned. So Dan grabbed the camera and hopped up on our fence. These are what we found. Who knew we had Texas longhorns living in our back yard!


  1. Texas is known for the longhorn cattle, but you're right, there aren't very many. They almost went extinct in the 30's, but were saved by the US Forest Service. I hear lots of people have them on their land just because of their unique look and deep ties to Texas.

  2. That's pretty cool you saw them in your stinkin' back yard! Cool pictures :)

  3. That's so authentically Texas! And right in your own backyard!