Saturday, October 1, 2011

Johnson Family Reunion

At the end of July we had the opportunity to have the first ever Johnson Family Reunion. This was the first time that all of us had been able get together in quite some time. We had the reunion in Island Park, Idaho. It included all 8 kids, spouses, and 28 nieces and nephews. It was slightly chaotic to say the least but it was a lot of fun. Here are some of the highlights:

We started the reunion by going to the West Yellowstone Rodeo. It was more like a pretend rodeo and they didn't actually rope anything. Here is Devon all ready for the rodeo. What a stud.

The best part of the rodeo was when they invited all the kids out into the ring to chase a sheep (for the younger kids) and a baby cow (for the older kids). The first to grab the flag off of the animal's tail won a prize. Sadly to say none of our group actually pulled the flag but at the end they gave everyone a gold dollar for participating. The kids thought this was great.

One of Dan's many hobbies is photography. While in the beautiful outdoors he took advantage of the scenery and was able to take some great photographs of the kids. This particular one he is now turning into a drawing. (It is still a work in progress.)

One of the perks that we were able to enjoy at the ranch that we were staying at was horse rides. We were each able to get 2 rides in the beautiful countryside and let me tell you my sore bum couldn't have taken anymore!

Some of the other things that we did that we don't have pictures of include: The Johnson Family Cup, which included a series of mini games that every family had to come up with, lots of time in the hot tubs at the cabin, canoeing in the lake, lots of games, and a family golf tournament. We ended the reunion by going into Yellowstone. We saw animals, went on hikes, saw waterfalls, and played in the river. It was a great end to the reunion.

We were able to finish the reunion by getting a picture with all of us in it. Unfortunately it is already out of date because another baby has been added. It was great to see everyone and it will be a long 2 years until our next one!

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  1. That drawing is awesome!! Wish we could have seen you guys while you were over here. We miss you!